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 Founded in 1987, Rosetta Technologies Corporation (Rosetta) is a high-tech niche engineering, manufacturing and distribution business that consistently maintains profitability, vanguard technology and recurring growth. Rosetta is one of only three companies in the world who specialize in Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) engineering: Hardware, Software, Consumables, Manufacturing and Distribution. Link to: https://www.rosettatechnologies.com

Since 2006, Rosetta has been the sole supplier of MICR printing technology to Ricoh’s worldwide sales and distribution network. Rosetta operates under agreements with Ricoh U.S., and Ricoh Limited, Japan; world’s fourth largest printer manufacturer. Rosetta provides services under license agreements with Ricoh companies and dealers located in Latin America, Singapore, Bangladesh, Australia, France, U.K., Middle East, and Africa. Ricoh – Rosetta MICR products and services, link to: https://www.ricoh-usa.com/en/products/magnetic-ink-character-recognition-printing-micr

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